Female Carnivore Diet Plan: A delicious and science-backed way to improve your mental health, beat illnesses and improve your overall mood.

Females all over the world have dealt with annoying and sometimes painful changes in their body, and this often has to do with hormonal imbalances, lack of the required protein for muscle repair and weight gain.. but there is a little known diet regimen that can help with the majority of these ailments – and that’s a female carnivore diet plan! A carnivore diet is exactly how you would imagine it to be, it’s the diet that consists of consuming low carbs and high protein levels through the consumption of animal products.

Meat lovers will be delighted to learn that a diet focused on little carbs and extra protein can help restore balance to your hormones, help with weight loss and muscle gain! When consuming animal products you are increasing vitamins such as Vitamin A, Iron and Zinc, in addition to other healthy nutrients such as collagen and protein.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of this diet. You may be surprised to hear that a diet of animal products can improve your skin, your hormones, your mental health, blood sugar and your weight!

Skin: In a study conducted by Harvard, participants consumed a strict carnivore diet high in zinc and vitamin A, and over 90% of the participants had improved their skin conditions. They attribute this to the anti-aging benefits of certain vitamins, including the added collagen from consuming bone broth and an animal’s connective tissues – but also because the participants drastically reduced or eliminated sugars and carbs from the diets. 

Women tend to be more sensitive to the physical effects of aging, and can more early in life develop dry, and wrinkled skin. This is where the carnivore diet can help, as the collagen found in animal products such as the tendons and marrow can improve the collagen intake and help increase muscle and skin elasticity.

Hormones: Eating foods that help with hormone maintenance is something most women should already be doing, as their bodies are greatly influenced by hormones and ensuring that you have a balanced level of them is of the utmost importance.

A carnivore diet plan for females has been known to drastically reduce the hormones that are predominantly out-of-sorts in women who are suffering with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). This condition can cause weight gain, higher levels of testosterone, excessive hair growth on your face, and even infertility. PCOS symptoms are incredibly uncomfortable, can lower moods and destroy confidence. 

In addition to this, foods that have high levels of phytoestrogens in them can have negative impacts on the body. These chemical compounds are found in a lot of different foods, including vegetables, fruits, grains, soy and even legumes such as beans and lentils. These have a negative effect on a woman’s hormone production when overconsumed – and most diets actually try to enforce an overconsumption of these products! 

Poor hormone fluctuations can have a direct effect on Thyroid disorders, which in and of itself is throwing your hormones out of balance. By eating a protein rich diet with zero to low carb but high in zinc and protein can boost the “good” hormones that the thyroid produces. 

Mental Health: Reducing sugar and carb intake has been known to help clear brain fog, hormone dips and reduce weight gain. These are all contributing factors of some who suffer with depression, anxiety and low moods.

Focus, clarity and an improvement of general mood has been studied when combined with a carnivore diet, and the same study at Harvard that studied skin conditions, had 83% of participants reporting a better mood, and less bouts of depression throughout the study. The improvements in mood cannot be understated because mood is a great indicator of overall mental health.

Blood sugar: Frequent blood sugar spikes are not good for your long term health, and a carnivore diet can help eliminate this problem. It is one of the hardest parts of the diet, but once you have lost the constant craving for sweeteners, your energy will improve, you will lose the after-eating fatigue and help reduce your chances of developing sugar-related illnesses such as insulin resistance and diabetes. Increased sugar levels in anyone’s diet can lead to heart disease as well, so it is best to help reduce the intake of sugars anytime it is possible.

Weight management: Losing weight is something that is very often found at the forefront of a woman’s mind, but in the era we live in, added sugars, dyes and hidden carbs in other diets really make it difficult. A carnivore diet reduces sugars, lowers carb intake to almost zero (some shellfish still contain carbs so be sure to check if you are looking for 0 carb).

By reducing sugars and carbs, weight loss becomes much more manageable and does not involve spikes and crashes, leading to cravings. This can help with long term weight management and reduce cardiovascular illnesses, everyday health issues and help maintain a protein rich diet to aid in weight loss and management long term.

Unlike many people would believe, the carnivore diet isn’t just steaks and chicken legs everyday, there is a plethora of amazing animal products that can be consumed that will boost your overall health! Creating a diet plan with these products can be daunting, but you would be pleasantly surprised to know that there are lots of things to choose from. Don’t just stop and grab a few steaks, check out this list:

• Fatty Fish (sardines, salmon, tilapia)

• Fish roe (caviar)

• Poultry and waterfowl (chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant)

• Beef, Veal

• Pork, boar

• Bison/Buffalo

• Deer/Elk

• Lamb

• Goat

• Organ meats (like liver)

• Bone Broth

• Pure Goat Cheese

• Eggs (from various poultry and waterfowl)

• Shellfish (oysters, muscles, scallops)

To some, it can look like there is very little to eat – but you would find yourself surprised to know that a carnivore diet can actually be incredibly diverse! Here are a few delicious ideas of healthy meals you can create with the diverse range of foods that are products of animals!

Chicharon (fried or baked pig skin – which is popular in Latin and Asian diets) and eggs, topped with fish roe of your choice, with a side of bone broth.

Fish scramble, with fish of your choice, eggs, goat cheese and a side of bone broth.

Red meat soup, with your choice of beef/veal/deer/elk, stewed in bone broth and simmered for a few hours. (It’s worth it to note that adding the bones into the stew directly will increase the benefits as the longer you simmer the bones the more marrow will be released into the broth).

Seafood platters, which you can have a large variety of foods, such as oysters, salmon, tilapia, muscles and scallops, with fish roe. Don’t forget your trusty side of bone broth to go with it!

Huntsman omelet, which is made by adding multiple meats into an egg batter and baking them into a quiche. An example is shredded beef or veal, pork, or lamb, gently stirred into a 6-egg batter and poured into a cake pan.


Beautiful skin, internal health benefits such as lower phytoestrogens, higher consumption of collagen and Vitamin A, improved mood and aiding weight loss and healthy digestion are just some of the amazing things a carnivore diet can do for women across the globe. There have been a number of stories relating to the reduction (and elimination) of female health issues such as PCOS by those who have taken the time to successfully follow a carnivore diet. Supercharging your energy by reducing blood sugar spikes and crashes will lead to a more successful weight management regime and after a short while eliminate the sugar cravings that are ever present in our current society.



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