5 Top-Rated Clear Protein Powders in 2024

When it comes to boosting our protein intake, many of us turn to the typical thick and milky protein shakes as a convenient and effective solution.

These whey protein powders (often they are whey concentrate because its cheaper to make) are great if your body can digest them properly (not the case with me). Are there other options that deliver similar nutritional value without the classic bloating/GI issues? Well…you’re here reading this blog so you probably know that the answer is yes! (you are brilliant)

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated clear protein powders that not only deliver on taste but also provide the necessary nutrients for your fitness goals. Read on to discover these new and refreshing alternative powders and upgrade your protein drink.

ISO JYM Clear Isolate Whey Protein

ISO JYM Clear isolate protein jug
  • Best overall customer satisfaction
  • Well priced at $1.73/ounce ($31.80 total)
  • Fun & tasty flavors
  • Only 6 ingredients

Isopure Infusions Clear Whey Isolate Powder

ISOPURE Infusions Clear whey isolate jug
  • Most popular on Amazon
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Only 5 ingredients
  • Long standing & Trusted company (since 1998)

 MuscleTech ISO Whey Clear

MuscleTech ISO WHEY CLEAR jug
  • Best priced at $1.70/ounce ($29.99 total)
  • Contains ProHydrolase for better absorption
  • Another long standing & trusted company (since 1995)

#1 ISO JYM Clear Whey Protein Isolate

ISO JYM takes our number one spot despite only having a fraction of the reviews of our second place winner , Isopure. Why’s that ? Although shorter on reviews….people just enjoyed the taste and mixing ability of ISO JYM’s protein better.

Combine that with a fair price (clear whey isolate protein in general is more expensive than whey concentrate) and you will start to see why it nabbed the gold trophy. Overall it provides what I’m looking for…. tastes good , mixes well , fair price and the ingredients are short and simple. I don’t love that it contains Sucralose in it but sadly this is the case with most protein powders today.

It contains 20 grams of high quality whey protein isolate and comes in four different flavors that actually taste the way it describes (why is that so hard to nail with supplements these days?). So, there it is…ISO JYM is clearly whey better (see the lame pun there?).

#2 Isopure Infusions Clear Whey Isolate Powder

Isopure really did a great job with there clear whey isolate powder. That’s not a shock to me , since they’ve been in the muscle growth game since 1998 ( I was in Jr High then…wow). This protein powder really feels like they asked for my advice before making it.

It contains simple to understand ingredients and it’s flavored by stevia. With more recent data pointing to the possible harmful effects of sugars like aspartame and sucralose…it’s refreshing to see a company take the safer route for its customers.

You may have seen Isopure’s clear protein drinks at your local gas station for several years now as they are seasoned vets in this clear protein game. Also containing 20 grams of protein per serving , Isopure’s Infusion Clear protein is holding strong on platforms like Amazon. They are giving their customers what they want and I absolutely love how they made this protein powder.

#3 MuscleTech ISO Whey Clear

I feel like MuscleTech is like that older guy at the gym that you love seeing (Cell-tech anyone? Ahh…to be 18 again and working chest and Tri’s 3x a week again). He’s in great shape and loves giving tips to everyone. MuscleTech , as mentioned above, have been around since 95′ and has really found its sweet spot in good quality supplements at a fair price. This is the same case with their clear protein product.

It comes in at about 30$ a jug and provides 22 grams of protein per serving. They’re being a bit sneaky with this….their serving size is a bit larger than some other companies so they boast about more protein. Never the less , it’s high quality isolate that is also combined with Muscletech’s very own ProHydrolase… which they market as being able to increase protein absorption by 20%.

Containing less than one gram of carbs , no fat and only 90 calories per serving…this product hits the mark for folks keeping an eye on their macros who also want a convenient and delicious protein drink.

Our Pick


Clear Whey Isolate


WICKED Protein offers a clean and tasty whey isolate available in 3 flavors. The price is on the higher end compared to other competitors but they stand out from the pack by having 23 grams per serving , no artificial flavors & being Clean Label Project certified. I dig it.

  • Free of artificial sugars/flavors
  • 23 grams of protein
  • Only clear protein that is Clean Label Project certified

#4 WICKED PROTEIN Clear Whey Isolate

WICKED has created a clear protein that’s intended for those that place a higher standard for what they put into their body. To each their own , but these days I put a lot of focus into what I eat and drink and I really think about whether that tasty beer or dessert is really worth the short term satisfaction.(Am I sounding lame? Stay with me for a sec)

WICKED’s rating for flavoring is pretty polarizing with some loving it and some a clear “nope”. Where this product shines is having a very solid 23 grams of protein as well as being Clean Label Project certified as stated above.

What does that mean? It means that their products are tested for more than 400 possible contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. Considering recent testing showing that most protein powder supplements are severely tainted with metals and other toxins , this should really make you have a vetting process for your daily supplements. Okay, rant is done.

Our Pick

SEEQ Clear Protein


SEEQ Clear Protein is a pretty new company that’s coming up the ranks in this niche protein space. Customers really enjoy the taste and also that it comes with more servings per jug than any other competitor on the market. There are two flavors available , Blue Razz & Mango Pineapple.

  • 25 servings per container
  • Limited, but very good flavor
  • Mixes into water well


Although SEEQ’s pricing is on the highest end of the clear protein market , one does get the most servings (25) of any other brand I researched. On top of that, 22 grams of protein per serving will cover almost any mammal under the size of a mountain gorilla.

SEEQ is unique in their approach because they really go in on the nostalgic freeze pops we all grew up on as kid. The ones where you’d snap off a couple for you and your friends as you raced back outside on a hot summer day. The flavors really do hit the nail on the head with these classic flavors like Blue Razz.(your lips wont be colored blue for the next 12 hrs like the old freeze pops).

Lastly, a commonly mentioned plus is the easy mixing of this protein powder. Many of these clear proteins can often get grainy but thats not the case with SEEQ. So grab a jug and don’t be shocked if you steal your kid’s bike afterwards and want to go catch fireflies at the park.


When it comes to choosing the best clear protein powder in 2023, it is essential to consider factors such as quality, taste, ingredients, and individual preferences. These top-rated clear protein powders mentioned in this article offer exceptional nutritional profiles, ensuring that you can fuel your body with high-quality protein for optimal performance and muscle recovery. So give one , or two , a try and stay on the path to optimizing your health and fitness. You’ve got this.

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